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Service Introduction

'Smart Emergency Alarm' is an emergency alarm and gold time solution that allows users in crisis situations to make emergency calls through simple operation of their cell phones by checking real-time video information, voice communication, location information and text messages in emergency situations.

* Patent No. 10-2017-01018897 has been registered for the Humanity Emergency Relief System and how to use it, and is applying for an international patent.

  • Step 01
  • An emergency situation
  • The occurrence of an emergency,
    such as violence and disaster
  • Step 02
  • Emergency signal call
  • Shake the device or press
    the icon for 3 seconds
  • Step 03
  • Gain control of your device
  • Collect context information
    with user's device control
  • Step 04
  • Collect Control System
  • View user's location / image, voice information
  • Step 05
  • Prompt relief
  • Rapid action by understanding
    the degree of emergency
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Emergency signal calling method

단말기흔들기 아이콘

Method 1) Shake the Device If the number of tilt operations that occur with the user's mobile device tilt persists more than five times, By sending [Emergency Relief Signals], emergency requests can be made without the user's mobile device operating in an emergency situation.

길게터치 아이콘

Method 2) Press the icon for 3 seconds Configured to display a button-type icon on the touch screen of a mobile device for executing an emergency signal input action. The icons are provided to allow position movement within the touchscreen screen and to be exposed at all times with the screen locked and the touch screen open for device operation.

영상/위치/음성수집 이미지

Collect location informationCollects your mobile device GPS information to
identify your current user's location.

Gathering peripheral image informationRun the user's mobile device front/rear
camera to understand the exact field.

Collect nearby voice informationCollects voice information around the current user
using the user's mobile device microphone.

System introduction effect

* A sense of security

Citizens using the SOS Emergency Alarm App can send signals about dangerous situations anytime, anywhere, to maximize safe city feeling.

* Contributions to crime prevention

It provides psychological protection for the vulnerable groups such as women and helps prevent crimes by expanding the social infrastructure that can put psychological pressure on criminals

* Performing Safety Service

Utilizing the control center, the resident staff can check the situation and report it to perform the actual safety service.

* Creating a safe environment

Creating a safe city environment for socially disadvantaged and tourist visitors.